With a vocal that is as sweet as honey and soundscape that is reminiscent of Aaliyah at her peak during the 90’s, the Irish musician BABY BLEU certainly knows how to make an impression with her spectacular debut. Honey is a divine number with spaced out 808’s with a booming presence blossoming across the lush soundscape of sweetly toned keys and angelically soft reverbed vocals that allows the piece to radiate a warm energy like the sun itself. The sonic world she’s crafted alone is something to be marvelled at, but when you view her lyrics under a fine microscope you begin to see the intelligence and wit she has too. Focusing in on online relationships, Honey becomes a slick metaphor for both the sweet and sticky situations that can lead to the digital connection you have. Not being able to be intimate with one another, the worry of this love actually being a catfish and IRL dates that take you back to beginning and wonder what the hell happened. All of these complications are translated through a bittersweet bedroom pop sound that features intense emotion but a calming presence that makes you feel at ease with everything she says.

With a mystical blend of ethereal melodies, magical beats and a honey-drizzled vocal to tie it all together, this is a debut that will make you feel anything but blue. An outstanding introduction from a 21 year old artist who’s ready to shine in Ireland’s music scene and further fields in the future.

Must Read