Something that I’ve always loved is juxtapositions within songs, whether it be a really sad melancholy styled song that is actually about a happy memory or, in The Press War’s latest track, an energetic track that actually comes from a dark place. It’s something that when done right can give a track that little bit of extra edge to take it to the next level.

Money is a nostalgia ladened track with infectious 80’s styled synths that give the track an instant retro feel as well as creating an uplifting atmosphere whilst the pessimistic lyrics contrast this effortlessly and gives the track a unique dynamic. The overall production is something that wouldn’t feel too out of place on a Prince album and the memorable hooks are something even One Direction would be jealous off. It’s one of those rare tracks that you can dance and have fun to whilst crying your eyes out.

Speaking about the track the band said, “This song was written at one of my lowest points, when you’re really feeling that heartbreak. And I know it sucks and it’s hard for everybody, but hopefully you can listen to it and it makes you feel a little better, or a little less alone. And maybe even wanna dance a bit. Stylistically, it kind of merges some of what we were doing before with distorted guitars, and what we’re doing now with lots of synths. I think we managed to find a really good blend with a really great hook, and we’re so happy to finally share it.”

Cry in the middle of the night with tissues by your side or have a 80’s party with this playing in the background. Whichever you choose just know that Money by The Press War is a track that will get stuck in your head for many weeks to come.

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