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There is something about Jackie Mendoza’s music that makes every track a pure joy to listen to. Her previous track De Lejos was a Latin track unlike any other that created such a unique sound that you couldn’t not fall in love with it. A month or so later and she’s released the follow up that continues the great run of superb tracks she’s released.

Seahorse is a minimalistic track with a production that is inspired by how the animal swims/moves, sporadic and free-flowing. The dream track has a weird vibe surround it that almost makes you feel as if you’re underwater with these shimmering synths and dreamy ukulele riff creating an almost oceanic atmosphere. Her dreamlike vocal contrasts the psychedelic production to create a clashing juxtaposition that adds an extra layer to the track and enhancing the soundscape even further.

Speaking about her inspiration for the track Mendoza said, “Seahorse was directly inspired by seahorses. They mate for life and take on equal responsibilities in the relationship; females “plant” the egg inside the male’s pouch and the male gives birth to thousands of seahorse babies while the female looks for food and shelter. The sound of the song was also inspired by the way they swim and move; sporadic and free-flowing.”

Jackie Mendoza is one of the most fascinatingly brilliant artists to come around in recent times and Seahorse just amplifies her brilliance further. She’s just got a sound that no one else in the world can replicate.

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