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Brighton is slowly becoming one of the biggest creative hubs in the UK with so many exceptional artists realising music from there on a regular basis. If you want proof about this then you just need to check out LUME’s latest track that gives us a little hint as to what we can expect on her upcoming EP.

The track is called Edge Of My Seat and it is a beautiful listen. Her voice remains soft but prominent throughout with her breathy vocal drifting effortlessly over the electronica soundscape featuring gorgeously layered synths that gives the track a dream like quality that is simply mesmerising. The track carries an uplifting message about how no matter how lost you are, whether it be in yourself, on a journey or just life in general, there are going to be people out there searching for you and will stop at nothing to fid you. A beautiful message that is expertly delivered through her elegantly written, poetic and poignant lyrics.

Edge Of My Seat is a dreamy track that gives us a real insight into LUME’s upcoming EP and all we can say is that we’re incredibly excited for what’s to come.

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