MXMS have mastered the art of creating ominously atmospheric music with hauntingly beautiful melodies and a dark vocal delivery too. In fact they’re so good at it they created a new genre called funeral pop that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the music they produce. You want more proof? Then just listen to their latest track Paris.

The track thrives with its understated production with only a pulsing drum beat and continuous guitar riff opening the track before these melancholy synths are added to the mixed creating a disjointed yet calming vibe. This minimalistic style lends itself well to the track with the vocals almost whispering gently over the top as they tell a story of love based, you guessed it, in the city of Paris. There’s no over the top tricks or climatic moments, the tracks best quality is the laidback production that creates an intimate setting that makes it incredibly emotional and enthralling to listen to.

Funeral pop is the genre of tomorrow and MXMS are thriving with their ominous yet enchanting music and Paris is proof of this.


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