It’s rare that a song can leave you so completely entranced that once it’s finished you feel like you’ve just witnessed a masterpiece but that’s exactly how I felt with The Fence by Imi. It’s one of those rare tracks that can be so insanely captivating, thought provoking and damn fascinating all at the same time.

Her vocal is hauntingly beautiful, she even has moments during the chorus where she goes for a more operatic style of singing that just sends shivers down my spine. Then we have the cacophony of sounds in the chorus that give off an ominous effect that highlights the purity of her vocal further all whilst creating polarising tension between the pair that adds a little extra edge to the track. The whole track manages to find this unique balance of being ethereal whilst also having a chaotic essence to it.

The track was written about finding a balance between continuing to move forward throughout life whilst also enjoying the now. “The Fence is the mediating balance between these two sides,” the artist said when discussing the track, “And is essentially the decision you make to take control of your life and start taking responsibility for your own misfortunes or happiness.”

Enchanting, frenzied, melancholy, The Fence manages to be all of this and more all whilst demonstrating why Imi has that extra spark that makes her songwriting and music so hypnotising and intriguing.

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