Hildur Icelandic songstress who’s previously won awards such as Pop Song Of The Year at the Icelandic Music Awards but she also possesses so many musical talents it’s not even funny. Not only does she possess a celestial vocal but she’s also a classic cellist and a sensational songwriter which she more than proves in her latest inspirational track 1993.

The track has this simple yet endearing hook with her vocal adding authenticity to the lyric, “When I wanna grow up / I wanna be me,” throughout the chorus that will surely strike a chord with her fans. That’s one of the great things about this track though, the honest lyrics that are able to hit on so many key things that people in their adolescence or even late 20’s will experience. The production helps amplify these messages further with the dramatic percussion section, atmospheric synths and an emotional piano melody that all come together with her raw vocal being the final jewel in this crown.

Speaking about the track Hildur has said, “This song is my journey and all the loopholes and fallbacks it took, all the disbelief but passion I experienced, all the insecurity and the creativity- which is me. So if my 5 year old self could hear one song from the future, I would want it to be this one. And I hope someone else on their journey to become themselves can relate.”

Hildur has managed to craft the perfect inspirational anthem in 1993 that manages to tick all of the right boxes and leave you feeling empowered yet emotional all at the same time.

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