Made of 50% pop, 49% glitter and 1% oat milk the Brighton quartet Orchards create high energy pop music that is a joy to listen to. Honestly it’s almost impossible to not smile whilst listening to their latest single Young, every note is just filled with happiness that smiling feels like a mandatory thing to do when listening to it.

The track kicks off with an uplifting guitar melody mixed with an infectious percussion section before we get the jubilant vocal coming into complete the package. Despite the joyous production though the lyrics actually go into a more serious subject regarding love with lyrics about an unrequited love, but in hindsight you’ve discovered that the love wasn’t good for you at all. It creates this beautiful juxtaposition between the happy production and more honest lyrics about the nostalgia of a past relationship.

Addictively fun, filled with energy and a happy-go-lucky nature Young by Orchards is the perfect pick me up after a rough day.

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