Sad songs are often made to make us think back to a depressing time in our lives, however in his latest track Kwassa points out that they often make us feel the complete opposite. Whether it’s driving in the car, hanging out in your bedroom or just standing in the shower, we often find ourselves singing sad songs that, ironically, end up bringing us joy and happiness in the process.

Sad Songs is an upbeat track with a sadder title that was created to show the confusion that comes with growing up. With a production filled with shimmering synths, a luscious percussion section and an addictive melody in the chorus that you’ll be humming for many weeks to come. The whole track is just an ode to adolescence and the joy that comes from things like singing sad songs together and having the time of your life.

Speaking about the track Kwassa said, “I liked the idea of a making a really upbeat track called Sad Songs because it reflects the confusion of growing up, and the idea that you would listen to a ’sad’ song to make you feel some kind of way, when actually it often makes you feel the opposite.”

With every release Kwassa manages to craft an effortlessly piece of alternative pop perfection and Sad Songs is a prime example of this. Play this track out loud and sing it wherever you may go!

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