James Beau Barclay – There Is No Love


It’s that time of the month, yes James Beau Barclay releases his second song in his song a month challenge, it might be a week late but with a song like this we’re more than happy to wait a little longer. He previously impressed us with his minimalistic soul track My Head Is Healing and his latest track could not be anymore different.

There Is No Love came from a place of darkness when Barclay lost a friend who took their own life and this song is his way of expressing his own feelings of confusion about how his friend could feel that sad. All of these feelings are expressed in these raw and poignant lyrics about his own worries about if he’ll ever understand, how he didn’t see it coming and how her passing made him lose his faith which is elegantly put in this lyric, “I don’t believe in God since you left no / If he is real my God he’s evil / Making a world where people feel that low.” These lyrics really do steal the show in this track with his emotive vocal performance mixed with the slick melancholy guitar that feels as if it cries as it’s played and a somber percussion enhancing these lyrics even further.

Dealing with the loss of someone is always a painful experience but James Beau Barclay has taken that pain and turned it into a piece of art in There Is No Love. If you have lost someone to suicide then please find solace within this track.


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