Beauty Queen – Hope It’s You


Those clumsy moments that happen during the early stages of infatuation are often some of the sweetest moments that can happen during that wistful honeymoon stage of a relationship. Stumbling over words, accidentally stepping on their toes as you walk by their side or even just making an awkward move at the wrong time, all these little things have a wholesome beauty that are hard not to smile at. All of this is captured in the vintage bedroom pop artist Beauty Queen’s latest track Hope It’s You, a minimalistic country influenced indie rock ballad that is best played at the back end of a parking lot as the sunsets in front of you. Charming like the theme it sets upon, the hazy guitar dances across an array of shimmering synths as the laidback rhythm section sets the scene for story that’ll soon hypnotise you with the simplistic whimsy it offers. The authentic number never goes too far on the lyrical standpoint, keeping them simple to give off the feel that she’s sitting down and talking to you, letting her feelings out for her own catharsis with her quirky vocal capturing this aura perfectly. It’s like a more tame Kate Bush mixed with the a dash of Girl in Red and I personally cannot get enough of it.

When you fuse all that together with her amusing cinematic that opens with one of the best lines I’ve seen in a music video, just try squinting throughout and you can kinda of see what she’s going for, and you’ve got a vibrant smile-inducing affair. It’s safe to say that Sleep Well Records have smashed it again and we’re certain her debut EP is going to be something rather special.

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