Yen Strange – Go Away


All friendships have an expiration date, that’s a harsh truth that runs through the multi-talented writer, singer and producer Yen Strange’s head on a daily basis. The idea that people who we’d spend countless hours together with, wasting the day by doing nothing but loving each other’s company and living in a stupid wonderland that no one else could truly understand. This thought can often plague your mind, leaving you questioning why they’d leave or when it will happen and when the sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach will disappear when this thought pops up again. Known for turning her sadness and inner angst into expressive emo-pop anthems that wriggle their way so deep into the crevasse of your skull that you’d need an excavation crew to remove them, she took this thought and transformed it into something rather marvellous.

With a pop, trap and hip hop inspired leading the production, Go Away is filled with undeniable flair as Strange’s raw vocal expresses her inner grievances at the ever changing speed at which relationships can shift and the anxiety it leaves her with. Her unfiltered thoughts are shown through her straight-talking lyrics which pack an almighty punch that will leave you reeling from the emotion devastation that she’s just brought along with her, “We could waste the day / Now I never want to see your face.” The hauntingly beautiful soundscape that we can find solace within is matched beat for beat by the Tim Burton styled and Coraline inspired music video, making this ear and eye candy.

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