Smyth Knight – Stray Catz


Smyth Knight was making waves in Richmond’s rap scene from an early age, creating addictive hip hop with scintillating lyrical flows and dynamic production beats that get your head bopping along in no time flat. He stays curious about the details that come within the hip hop realm, consistently diving into new, exciting and innovative ways to expand his hip hop brand so that his creative talents will never perish under the scrutiny of others. You just have to look at his discography as proof of this, countless tracks venturing to different soundscapes, lyrical standpoints delivering a plethora of messages and his standout track Stray Catz does all that and then some. Seriously this track is a laidback summer anthem in the making. Equipped with an optimistic tone that is complimented by the buoyant music video of him and his friends having a cracking day, you’ll find it hard not to smile as the infectious beats begin to take a hold of you and the feel-good vibes wrap themselves around you. The chilled out aesthetic interlaced with a warm atmosphere is simply marvellous.

Rapturous from start to finish, this isn’t a fleeting moment for the young artist but him making his mark on the young scene in Richmond, making him an example of someone young artists in the game should aspire to be. I have no doubt this won’t be the last time you hear is name because he’s got some serious potential.

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