Jesse Markin – Smokestack


It’s become quite apparent that whilst being stuck in the forever purgatory that is lockdown in the UK the majority of us are running out of things to both keep us entertained and fill us with a serotonin rush to make the good times arrive once again. A rather depressing fact is that fun times seem to have just disappeared like Thanos snapping his fingers in an instant, but there is one thing that is managing to keep us all going and that’s what the future entails. The idea that one day the good times will come rolling in again and we’ll all rejoice as we’re able to enter pubs and meet family once again without a two metre distance in our way.

It’s this idea of good times to come that lives on through the Finnish musician Jesse Markin and his unapologetically brash and head-banging inducing single Smokestack. It’s like a modern day Woodstock with Hendrix like guitar riffs littered throughout with an anthemic chorus that feels like it’s come straight out of an Arctic Monkey’s track as he dances between passionate vocals and raw rap that gives the piece undeniable flair and has me sitting on tenterhooks. It’s a true anthem that has me jubilantly awaiting the future to arrive.

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