TITUS BANK – I Give My All


Emerging earlier this year with a sound that could be described as pop perfection and a lilting vocal with a soulful vibrato that I find myself consistently being hypnotised by, TITUS BANK is making the world stop and listen to his music. One note of his compelling vocal crooning heartfelt lyrics that weave together a beautiful portrait of modern life and you’ll stop in your tracks, whether that be walking down the street or driving your car down the motorway at 100mph. His debut I Do Yeah showed how he was a pop titan in the making with a euphoric chorus that exploded like a dazzling fire work across the night sky leaving a choir of ooooh’s and ahhhh’s as he artfully belted his emotional musings. He steamrolled the competition in glorious fashion and hasn’t really stopped since, unveiling a plethora of pop bangers that can soundtrack our late night crying sessions and emotional breakdowns, as well as being something we can belt out in our rooms whilst dancing the night away.

His most recent release however moves away from the soaring pop ballads he’s previously released, instead going for an intimate soundscape that allows his tender vocal to shine like a diamond and his emotion come to the forefront in a way that will leave you in a puddle of your own tears. I Give My All uses a minimalistic soundscape of hushed guitars and subtle electronics to bring you into BANK’s universe, utilising his vivid lyrical imagery to paint a spellbinding picture of the story at hand. You feel the pain of these long distance lovers being apart from one another and embracing the mundane when they’re together again. A testament to the strength of their relationship and as BANK’s croons his final lyric you can’t help but want the same thing.

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