George Cosby – Only Ever Cry On Planes

Timeless. That is George Cosby’s sound in a nutshell. When you hear his majestic sound you’re transported away to somewhere utterly magical that leaves you in awe of his beautiful voice, making it hard to pinpoint what era his music truly belongs in. With a vocal reminiscent of Elvis Presley when he belted out his classic In The Ghetto, a fascinating storytelling style that takes the authenticity of Johnny Cash and propels it to the modern era and a production that is the modern alternative genre mixed with country undertones, his music is outstanding. His artistic allure comes from his candidness, allowing himself to unleash his personal feelings to his audience and get them to find solace within his poetic words, forming an immovable bond in the process. You dive deeper into his discography and you discover an array of mesmerising numbers that let you remove the shackles and let your hopeless romantic self soar and believe about the possibilities the word can offer you. Nothing proves all of this more than his latest single Only Ever Cry On Planes.

I’d akin this to the type of track you’d see play at the end of melancholy romance movie as our two lovers part ways and fly off to different parts of the world, knowing their time together was sweet but was never going to be permanent. His lyrics are pure poetry, every word adds to this sonic masterpiece he is crafting that rivals that of the Mona Lisa. The lush string sections and beautifully crafted guitars riffs during the finale leaves me floored as his vocal soars above the clouds with the planes that will, as the song says, have you tear up with the world underneath you. This is timeless, euphonic, magical, and just about every good adjective around.

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