Bye Malo – Naples


The best way to describe the Toronto based artist Bye Malo’s sound would be heartbreak music that you can vibe to at a campfire. Exuding the charming charisma of Dominic Fike mixed with the emotional devastation that comes with any Frank Ocean record, he showcases a refreshing duality of being able to be open with his emotions but not wanting to dwell on them and instead focus on a more optimistic future. His good-natured sound is reminiscent of a bonfire in the dead of winter, warm, inviting and makes you feel closer to those around you and become more vulnerable as a result. His straight talking lyrics are similar to that of a conversation with a close friend, sitting together at a bar as he openly expresses himself, refusing to be dishonest with you. A savant musician, he’s creating music that is perfect for the good times and the bad times, want more proof? Then it’s time to dive into Naples.

Straight from the get go this was made to be a summer anthem. I can just envision someone playing the guitar at the beach and getting all his friends to clap along with the beat of the track as the good vibes flow and everyone sings like they’re at the best karaoke bar in town. It’s a big vibe. The unorthodox vocal performance, showcasing the raspy tone of his voice, is filled with personality that makes me smile from ear to ear from the jubilation on display from the production. Whilst the lyrics have add a slightly more somber undertone to the track, the juxtaposition makes this something where you can flip the switch depending on what you’re feeling. If you want a summer anthem that you can blast through your car radio with a group of friends when you’re in control of the aux or if you want to yearn for romantic companionship, the choice is completely up to you.

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