NECTAR – In The Clear

When I think of the typical cinematic jazz club where smoke floats through the air, finger snaps replace applause and the artsy folk who want to have a good time go to congregate, NECTAR are the type of band I’d always dream would play there. They’re a dessert bowl of audible delicacies with their psychedelic indie soul sound being a delectable treat that I will happily have over and over again. What I adore about them the most though is their fearlessness, they don’t hold back and just go with a safe predictable sound that the majority of people would expect them to go with, no they push the boundaries of their sound to produce something unique and compelling every single time. Go through and listen to their discography, each track is completely different, making their sonic rollout all the more enthralling and their latest release is a tasty edition to their musical menu.

In The Clear is all about those little things that brighten up your day when you’re going through turbulent times. The smell of coffee in the morning, the sound of rain hitting leaves high up in the trees, buskers idly playing their lovelorn jams in the streets, all these small things add up to make the inner turmoil a bit more serendipitous. The carefree jubilance of the production highlights this uplifting message even further as the free-flowing guitar melodies dance with the expressive vocals to put a smile on your face that could rival a Cheshire Cat. Include a couple of saxophone solos that rivals that of Baker Street and you’ve got an infectious track that could warm a stone cold heart.

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