Jame Minogue – Santiago


If you’re ever in the need for some sun-kissed melodies filled with nothing but good vibes infectiously wriggling their way into your body that turn an overcast day into a balmy tropical paradise, then you need to hop onto Jame Minogue. His Latin take on alternative pop is simply exquisite, it hits the spot like a freshly made Pina Colada on a scorching summers day and lets the good times flow no matter where his flavoursome soundscape may take you. Santiago replicates the feeling of having the sun dance across your skin for the first time in summer, the warm sensation that injects serotonin into your body and all the little things that follow, from the aroma of BBQ’s flowing through the air, diving into the ice cold sea to cool off and just relaxing in the outdoors. The tropical vibes pour off of this soundscape like a waterfall, Minogue’s laidback vocal lilts with the subtle charisma he shoots into the track as the irresistible production of jubilant guitars and a funk driven bassline let the good times flow. He’s laid the groundwork for a hot summer anthem that could build to the heights of a skyscraper.

Jame Minogue is ready to take the world by storm, his balmy wonderland will make you feel as if you’re walking around Santiago’s Metropolitan Park in the middle of summer and it won’t be too long before the rest of his sonic world leaves to floored. Dive head first into his discography and discover his marvellous sound for yourself.

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