Khi Infinite – LOVE FOR YAH


Drifting away from people is a natural part of life. Friends and family whom we were once so close with and talked to everyday without hesitation, now have become disconnected from you. However, we know that whenever we see them in person again it will be as if nothing has changed, we’ll regale each other with our old stories, what we’ve been up to since we last met and plan to meet again in the near future. This connection is so special and it’s why I adore Khi Infinite’s latest single so much. He’s gone through this same experience where everything for him is moving at 100 miles per minute and whilst is music career is going in the right direction, his family and friends back home were becoming less apart of his life. That’s why he wrote LOVE FOR YAH, a song dedicated to the people who helped raise him and allowed him to become who he is today, reminding them all that he’s thankful for them and, no matter how far away he is, will always love them.

It’s a truly wholesome story and the track reflects this. A buoyant production comprised of spaced out beats and slick guitar melodies that bounce off of Infinite’s mesmerising vocal that charismatically weaves a narrative that makes you feel like you’re apart of the story yourself. He’s no stranger to tackling difficult subject matters, but this hits home in more ways than one as he goes back to his roots, reconnecting with who he is and telling everyone how special they are to him in the process. Combine all this with a stunning visual of this community and you’ve got another stellar piece to add to Khi Infinite’s ever growing back catalogue of outstanding tracks.

“It’s a relatable message of feeling the need to tell the ones you love most that you are there for them and no distance is going to change that. I originally wrote this song during a time of great change and needed a way to express how I was feeling. Even though things were moving in the right direction for me professionally, I felt really disconnected from my family back home and I wanted to find a way to tell them that. Luckily, I am a musician and so I put all of what I was feeling into a song.”

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