Oliv – Too Much Love For You


Broken heart therapy, that is the perfect way to describe the outstanding second single from New Zealand’s hidden gem Oliv, who’s rapturous indie pop sound with an ethereal atmosphere is simply divine. Too Much Love For You is about the aftermath of a break up where you give more love than the other person is willing to give, blaming yourself for how it ended and go through the emotional aftermath. We’re given a flurry of lyrical musings about her trying to move on, her sister telling her breathe to get through the initial first shock, her mum telling her to have a drink in the sun to forget about him, cutting her hair off at the shoulders and dying her hair all the colours of the rainbow, but it’s the euphoric chorus where she finally lets go. Through an array of shimmering synths bringing out the celestial quality of her heart-wrenching yet euphoric vocal, we get taken on a journey, the highs and lows she’s experienced all wrapped into one dreamy experience with her deeply personal and vulnerable lyrics making us feel like a fly on the wall throughout her heartbreak and growth. It’s a rather spellbinding experience and the period style music video, reminiscent of Bridgerton, being the cherry on top.

Having already collaboration with the likes of BAYNK, Sachi and Flight Facilities, Oliv’s solo career looks like it’s finally going to take off. New Zealand already has one music icon in Lorde and with her delectable pop sound I don’t see why she won’t be making waves in her home country and further fields in the near future.

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