We all want that type of love that we see in the movies, those moments where the couple lose themselves in each others eyes, give grand gestures of love to each other or run into each others arms as Fix You plays in the background. It’s believing in this type of love and discovering that it might actually be real that inspired the latest B-Unique Records signee, Patrick Martin, to write his debut single.

Even though Cinema Love is about these massive moments that happen on screen the track starts off on more of a somber note with gentle piano chord playing along with the compassionate and emotionally enthralling vocal of Martin. In the chorus however we’re greeted with a grand cinematic climax with symbol clashes, captivating beats and flickering synths along with Martin’s vocal exploding into life expressing the jubilant feeling of love. On top of all that the lyrics are pure poetry with how they’re written.

Then we’ve got the beautifully shot music video, makes sense considering the name of the song, that is so aesthetically pleasing it isn’t even funny. The story of the video is Martin sitting in an old house watching old cinema reels of his past lover and reminisces about how there love felt like a cinematic masterpiece.

B-Unique Records have a lot of star studded artists in their roster and with Patrick Martin’s debut Cinema Love I think it’s safe to say they’ve found another.

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