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Let’s be real here for a second, Heather Russell is one of the most underrated vocalists in the pop world because her technical ability is simply out of this world. The runs she’s able to accomplish and high notes she hits just seems as easy as breathing for her and we’ve already seen that in her recent Christmas track No Christmas Blues but now we get to see it in another glorious new track.

Lights Off, as per usual, shows off Russell’s magnificent vocal along with the runs that honestly would give Mariah Carey a run for her money. The track is definitely a throwback with it feeling like a classic 90’s slow jam with the production focusing on the piano melody being played throughout along with the synth beats being sprinkled in throughout and we even get a surprise at the end where we see Russell go into a full rap, catching us off guard in a really good way. However the star of the show is her vocal, we could gush over that vocal all day if we could.

Lights Off is from Heather Russell’s debut album Metropolis and with every release we’re getting more and more excited to see what else she is capable of on that album.

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