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I love it when artists had little jokes to their music that make you just laugh out loud. The last artist I can remember listening to that did this was Slaves in People That You Meet where the whole room bursted out with laughter. Now we’ve got Lauran Hibberd who’s latest track has got this room filled with joyous laughter once again.

We’ve got over a billion traditional love songs so why not have an unconventional one like this? Sugardaddy, yes you did read that right, embraces those fantasies many people have had when going through a rough day where they just want a sugar daddy to pay for everything and love them too. The lyrics are humorous, witty and are the main driving force behind the song with a rapturous guitar coming to life in the chorus along with some hard hitting drum beats creating an interesting juxtaposition between them. Hibberd’s vocal is effortlessly blends into the production making the whole piece feel like the complete indie rock track.

Whether it’s laughing and singing along in your room or head banging to the guitar riff in your car, Lauran Hibberd’s latest track Sugardaddy is one to indulge yourself in wherever you are.

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