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Susy Sun transports us back to the 60’s with her retro pop track “Calling You The Same”


The sixties was a marvellous time for music with artists like The Mama and The Papas thriving with their beautifully lyric driven music and The Beatles were in their prime. It was a golden age for music so it makes sense that artists like Susy Sun would want to take inspiration from the era with music and videos that give a cheeky little nod to that time period.

With a vocal that is reminiscent of the legendary artist Joan Baez and a hazy yet timeless quality to her production magnifying this vocal further, especially during the bridge where a chorus of violins come in and we get to hear a enchantingly beautiful high note. Calling You The Same focuses on witnessing a former lover moving on and falling in love with another person while you effortlessly pine over the them from afar with lyrics that are reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel and a heart-aching delivery that manages to make every single word hit you like a ton of bricks.

The video has recently come out for the track and was done in collaboration with Giraffe Studios. Speaking about the video Sun had this to say, “I have been a fan of Nicky and Juliana’s at Giraffe Studios for quite awhile. They are a sister duo and I admire their creativity and work ethic. They built an entire set for the shoot and dressed me head to toe with some help from Flying Apple Vintage — inspired by late ’60s style (Twiggy/Sharon Tate). How fun it was to turn a nostalgic and difficult memory into a dreamy and empowering piece of art.”

If you’re longing for another era then dive right into Susy Sun’s retro-pop track. You seriously won’t regret it.


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