Lexi Jayde – Newbury Park

Lexi Jayde’s music tells the narrative of an average Gen Z teenager living within the modern and digital age. Her music goes through the trials and tribulations that come with adolescence, first love, heartbreak, friendships, mental health, nostalgia, these are all themes that are carefully laid out within her work to make sure her music gives you an authentic experience. She doesn’t shy away from harsh subject matters that people struggle to discuss or issues that effect her, she dives head first and throws caution to the wind to make sure her music is as raw as she needs it to be.

All of that is shown is show in her latest release Newbury Park, a track which portrays a one-sided relationship and is quite personal to Jayde. She discusses her own experiences where she’d get dressed up before driving hours to seem them only for them to be disinterested in her and offering none of the dedication she did. She unleashes all these frustrations within this single as she belts out, “Fuck you for wasting my love,” before a myriad of other memorable and hard-hitting lyrics are flung our way to make the heartbreak caused by this toxic relationship resonate with hundreds upon thousands of listeners. By the end though, her frustration passes as she realises she’ll be better off without him and moves on with her life to greener pastures.

At age 18 Lexi Jayde is proving to be the voice of a new generation as her candid song writing and relatable sound strikes a chord with her peers.

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