BNZA – Its like that

With a murmured voice that sits a top of lo-fi Jazz beats with a soulful undertone that’s only highlighted further by the pure tone of his R&B vocal, BNZA is becoming a creative force to be reckoned with within Toronto’s grassroots creative community. From his halcyon soundscapes producing a serene landscape for him to plant his ideas, to his visual aesthetic which towers over others within this genre and intimate live show performances, BNZA is an artist who’s vision is carrying him to the top and taking his M6K crew along with him. Past releases paid homage to Canadian icons who took the music world by the scruff of the neck and refused to be ignore, with tracks like DANGEROUS being reminiscent of The Weeknd, during his Trilogy era, but still keeping his dynamic personality and flair. He might be looking up to these stars now, but I doubt it’ll be too long before we see BNZA up amongst them as a troubadour for Canadian artistry.

Channelled through his lyrics which read like a diary, he carries an emotive flair in Its like that which is at the heart of his sonic ethos. Never going to over the top with the production, he brings you into an intimate soundscape where his authentic lyrical tapestry weaves a heartfelt narrative you find yourself getting wrapped up in and, before too long, the good vibes begin to flow. It’s minimalistic from a production and melodic standpoint, but that’s where the magic comes from, not having an array of bells and whistles, just a tender voice passionately tell a sweet story that is utterly charming. My favourite track to date from this rapidly rising Canadian star in the making.

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