Juice – Superimposed


Juice are the definition of a smorgasbord when it comes to music. Taking an abundance of musical influences they form a consistently shifting soundscape, going from pop to hip hop to alternative and even soul along the way. They don’t fear genres that are laid down in front of them by their peers, if they want to try something out then this collective will do it, tacking what ever challenge comes there way head on and forming a collage where every individual piece, no matter how different, comes together to form something jaw dropping. Now they’re bringing the 80’s into their sonic universe with a kaleidoscopic soundscape of nostalgia ladened synths and thumping basslines that make their latest release a joyously danceable marvel to behold.

The playful energy that comes from Superimposed is such a breath of fresh air. The buoyant production with exuberant melodies propelling the track to a fever pitch point where the joy becomes too much to contain and, before you know it, you’ll blown away by an eruption of good vibes that, like the music video, is as vibrant as 80’s fashion. However, amidst the happy-go-lucky production, there is a serious undertone coming from their lyrical wit. Whilst the soundscape bursts with energy, the lyrics deal with our own self doubt, detailing fragile moments we have within our inner psyche that’s shown through the verses, before encouraging us all to be 100% us through a danceable chorus that makes you want to get up and dance like the world isn’t watching. Juice are a collective who’s creativity holds no bounds.

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