MAY-A – Don’t Kiss Ur Friends

MAY-A has the potential to become a future icon of the pop world, equivalent to the status of artists like Halsey, Lorde and even Charli XCX. Having already released a plethora of thrilling pop singles with authentic yet nostalgic lyrics that wed themselves to a stacked production of hazy guitars, booming drums and dreamy synths to form a soundscape that you can lose yourself in, she’s ready to take on the world today. She’s the sonic equivalent of a daydream, taking you out of the monotone world we often find ourselves living in and offering a few moments of sweet release in a world filled with all the colours of the rainbow in vibrant whirlwind of joy. We do eventually find ourselves back in the monogamy of modern living, but her melodies that are trapped in our head, give us specks of colour flying around throughout the day.

Now this upcoming Aussie superstar has just dropped her debut EP Don’t Kiss Ur Friends and, as expected, she’s exceed expectations as sunlight shines through her effervescent soundscape. Be prepared to see why this young artist can make any story she tells feel like the latest gripping episode of an Emmy award winning TV show (not Emily in Paris).

Am I in My Head kicks us off with hard-hitting drum beats and introspective lyrics about being stuck within ones own subconscious. Managing to be a mix of emotive, self deprecating and bold, this gives us a taste of the thrills we’re about to experience. Swing Of Things is one of the highlights of this project for me, marrying together an optimistic production and an uplifting chorus with more solemn and pessimistic lyrics about not having that special person with you and losing that crutch you had to lean on, forming a beautiful juxtaposition in the process. Drive down the coast with this blaring out of your speakers and you’ll experience your own main character moment that is worth its weight in gold.

Central Station is all about those relationships where you were together at the right place but completely wrong time. Holding her heart on her sleeve MAY-A belts out a passionate bridge, that evocatively hits you like a punch from a prime Mike Tyson, about wanting to be with them more than anything, despite knowing it’ll never come to be. Whatever love you’ve had that never quite worked out, this is one that will pierce through your heart with ease, get the tissues ready. Then we get psychedelic pop track in Daffodils that, with absolute ease, becomes a laidback summer anthem that’s hard not to find yourself melting into. Close your eyes and let the wistful melodies take you away as you’re transported from the city into a vibrant field filled with blossoming flowers as the worries of your life simply melt away.

Refusing to forget how it feels to have her head over her heels, Time I Love to Waste is all about the simplicity of wanting to spend every waking moment of the day with someone. Filled with jubilant memories and a happy-go-lucky production, this track perfectly captures the sweet moments that comes with falling in love in a simple yet utterly joyous way. We end of Apricots, a daydream in song form with scintillating guitars that radiate sunshine, a heartfelt vocal and pure lyrics that finish this EP on an absolute high.

MAY-A is something special, no one can argue that.

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