Summer might be over but with dynamic duo’s like Paco Versailles releasing summer anthems that transport you away to the tropics like Lilac Moon, I don’t think we’ll ever feel like summer has ended. So dive right into this if you still want to be at the beach tanning and having the time of your life.

“In this case, the line ‘Lilac Moon’ emerged from the psyche describing a phenomenon we had never seen before, yet it felt familiar and resonated,” they explain. “Often lyrics come as a stream of consciousness and only later do you realise what they meant. The muses also dictated that part of the song would be in Spanish, which as a language, allows for more melodrama.”

The flamenco influence in the production of the track is lush with rhythmic guitars instantly getting your foot tapping along with an infectious bass-line and has made the duo coin a new term for this style of track Dancemenco! The bilingual lyrics add a certain flair and intrigue to the track too along with the laidback nature of their millennial hook (the La La La’s) that I can easily see myself singing along to on a summer drive down the coast. Paco Versailles have created a space in time, a moment where only summer exists and life is good.

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