Sipper – Half Young

Sipper is the current and exciting upcoming artist in the indie pop music scene. With a sound that’s unique and new yet still somewhat familiar, Sipper’s works leave you wanting nothing more than to play them from the top over and over again. Whether it’s with his heart-wrenching, hauntingly emotional acoustic tracks, or the bright and whimsical projects that are true to his sound, all of Sipper’s releases are worth looking out for. “half young” brings in a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of any iconic early-mid 2010 indie movie. Feel free to make this your go-to “main character moment” anthem–it’s perfect for it. 

The opening of “half young” starts off strong, completely captivating the listener. It conveys a similar feeling to surprisingly enjoying waking up in the morning. Sipper’s delivery of layered and wonderfully muddy vocals contrasts well with the colourful soundscape created with bright synths, lively drums, and a balanced array of electric string parts. Pairing heavier lines in a distorted, echo-filled way on top of such euphoric sounding instrumentals is genius. It’s like showing the world your vulnerable side in a perfectly blurred yet powerful way; putting the art first, with the meaning second. The song has a driving force that causes it to feel as if you’re moving through the song, rather than being kept still in a blissfully entranced state.

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