Lucy Tun – Monarchy


Burmese-British artist Lucy Tun, FKA LCYTN, doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to creating an authentic lyrical experience, with her introspective musings flirtatiously gliding across her varied alternative pop soundscape. Within her debut Monarchy, Tun’s charismatic vocal with a celestial tone flips between tender moments over ambient melodies that brings out her vulnerability and an expressive rap flow bouncing over skittish beats that get your head bopping and body grooving. With the multifaceted sound you never truly know what’s going to happen, making the unorthodox blend of hyper pop styled electronics, hip hop beats, pop hooks and a British garage styled production all the more breathtaking. It’s genuinely hard to find someone who’s got a sonic identity that matches hers punch for punch.

However what I adore most about the track is the message that is hidden behind the passionate production, the story of staying true to your authentic self when dating someone and not trying to be someone you’re not. It finds that balance of focusing on the fun side of the early stage of a relationship as well as the annoyances that come with someone being fake and hiding who they truly are, “Acts so tough when deep down he needs me.” Lucy Tun is creating a sonic world that the world isn’t ready for.

“Me and James had spent the whole day working on another song and ‘Monarchy’ was made in the last 20 minutes. I wanted to write about the first stage of beginning to date someone and the drama and fun that comes with it. The “getting to know” stage is my favourite part. The song details a first date gone wrong and is aimed at men (or anyone) who try to be someone they aren’t when they first meet someone. It’s about being yourself and believing in your own sauce.”

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