The more I listen to FLØRE’s music the more I want her to do the soundtrack to a modern day coming of age movie because her music has this unmistakable euphoria inducing feeling whilst also having this emotional edge that is perfect for those movies. Her latest offering Blue Tide Eyes is a perfect example of this with it being about when your life begins, escaping your small town and breaking out into the real world like you’ve always dreamt about.

“‘Blue Tide Eyes’ gives me the feeling what it must be like when your life begins,” FLØRE explains. “I’m still writing songs in my childhood room which felt too many times like a prison, in a town I hated, being heartbroken about a love that never happened. The song has a glittery, airy and longing feeling to it. Like a romance you just dreamt about. Nevertheless the heartache is real, when you wake up.”

FLØRE’s vocal has an enchanting tone that allows her voice to simply soar across the dazzling synth melodies in the production to create a harmoniously tantalising atmosphere that just transports you back to your youth. It’s a ravishing delight that stays with you long after the song is over as I have consistently found myself singing the melody under my breath the past few days and when you add in these engaging lyrics you’ve got a simply spellbinding piece of music.

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