She Loves Boon & loe4t – gigi / sunlight


She Loves Boon’s latest release, “gigi / sunlight”, encapsulates the true extent into what the duality of man can truly reach within the grand scheme of lust and love. In this catchy and energetic anthem, She Loves Boon and loe4t have accurately reflected two sides of this same coin. Opening with an energetic tempo and attention-catching vibe right off the bat, “gigi / sunlight” brings you into the soundscape of living fast and indulging in being young–just to lead you right into the headspace that displays the sensitive and emotion-filled artistry that is behind She Loves Boon’s “emotional trap”. Full of energetic drums, groovy synths, and She Loves Boon’s eclectic vocals, “gigi / sunlight” represents the exact feeling there is within the conflict that arises in wanting to live in the moment and “chase highs”. It’s an emotional reminder that eventually, you’ll be met with the emptiness that comes from meaningless attachments with momentarily lived passions. They highlight how easy it is to travel and live young, involving yourself with person after person just to realize that at the end of the day, “Gigi ain’t in New York.” The transition between these two moods is flawless–cinematic, even. It exemplifies the power within She Loves Boon’s writing and artistic execution as he flawlessly raps about the exciting aspects of life, to then flip the energy of the subject around and expose the vulnerability that comes within it all.

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