Máni Orrason – Change The World


Iceland has a population of 356,000 people, yet they have one of the strongest music scenes in the world. Countless innovative artists have emerged from the land of fire and ice, be it the iconic quirkiness of the legendary Björk or indie anthems that make you feel like you’re entering a magical land like Sigur Rós. Now we’ve got the countries latest prospect Máni Orrason who debuted back in 2016 but is making his long awaited comeback today with a true stadium anthem that is a primal scream of pure adrenaline. One listen and you’ll be encouraged to go out into the world and live your life for all its worth, even if he feels like he can’t change the world he can certainly change the way he lives in it.

With a hazy soundscape of lo-fi guitar riffs and pulsating drum beats masks the more cynical side of Change The World, discussing how we’re not as powerful in this world as we’re lead to believe and nothing changes. However it’s the hopefulness of the chorus with the jubilant vocals that counteracts this, yes we might not change the world but it doesn’t mean we can’t live our lives to the fullest and, as an old friend used to say, people change people, and maybe that’s enough. It’s an untamed anthem that finds the beauty in the uncontrollable and I’m loving every second of it, especially when you’ve got some gorgeous cinematography to go along with it.

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