Noahh, starfall, christian blair & kaido – Set

17-year-old experimental artist from Denmark Noahh’s latest EP titled Dissociation features an array of electrifying, melancholia inducing hyper pop tracks, ranging from high octane glitch filled numbers like Distance, all the way to intimate tear-jerkers like Conversate. The project thematically explores Noahh’s loss of identity where he had consistent negative thoughts regarding himself but also created jubilant memories as well, leading to a confused state of mind that lead to this project. He creates sonic portraits of the highs and lows these feels of uncertainty gave him, making the project capture all the entire spectrum of human emotion in the process and become a true standout project. However there was one track that made my jaw drop.

Best described as the coming together of the best rising hyper pop acts around, Set combines the forces of Noahh, starfall, christian blair and kaido in devastating fashion. The mellow instrumental of scintillating synths soaring over a breezy guitar riff forms a dreamy atmosphere, showcasing each artist’s individual talents in one cohesive single that is a masterclass of sonic emotion. Each artist is beginning to hit their creative stride, but put them all together and you’ve got the hyper pop Avengers.

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