Jodie Nicholson – Be Back Soon

Wrapped in melancholia and cradling a compassionate vulnerability that elevates the tone of her celestial vocal which amalgamates the emotional majesty of Daughter and the ethereal quality of Lucy Rose, the Hurworth-on-Tees born musician Jodie Nicholson makes music to soundtrack your late night crying sessions. She’s the type of artist who has the ability to make an audience go so quiet you could hear a pin drop, her vocal, though delicate and sweet, holds immense amounts of power behind it. Want proof? Then just dive into the tearjerker that is Be Back Soon.

Thematically dealing with the aftermath of leaving a city, friend and family whilst knowing the times you had in this place are never going to be quite the same again. Many students who’ve left for University will know this feeling all to well as she artfully weaves a narrative across her intimate sonic tapestry that invites you to relive those moments once again in a wistful nostalgia, connecting with the people who helped you become who you are once more. It’s a special piece that brings everything around you back down to earth and makes you wish to go back to that time for one more day of unimaginable bliss.

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