Cathy Jain – cool kid

Born in Salford but brought up in China and Australia before returning to the UK 4 years ago, Cathy Jain only started putting out music back in 2020 but has swiftly become a favourite within the UK scene. The rising songstress, who’s currently based in Cheshire, writes all her music from her bedroom but has managed to collaborate with producers from all across the globe, Paris, Montreal, you name it. Now, having signed with the team at YALA! records, she’s coming out with another dreamy soundscape that captures the mystique and allure of her brand of lo-fi pop that manages to be both carefree and poignant.

The breezy affair that is cool kid thematically explores how people will project a fake representation of themselves onto others, creating a false narrative of themselves that’s become somewhat rampant in the age of social media. This lack of authenticity drives this track forwards as the candid, insightful and mesmerising lyrics of her own unfiltered thoughts juxtapose the dreamy production of bliss inducing melodies. The future looks bright for the UK scene with artists like Cathy Jain at the helm.

“This song is about how so much of our time is spent trying to project images of ourselves to others, and how we define other people by projecting our own emotions on to them. I think lots of people, especially those my age, will relate to the theme of fakeness vs authenticity and how people present themselves to each other.” 

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