Wet Leg – Chaise Longue


One listen to the Isle of Wight duo Wet Leg’s debut single and for the rest of week, possibly month, you’ll be singing their insatiable hook under your breath and belting it out in your own private shower concerts. With a passion for French Disco and a shared love of Jane Birkin, their musical journey was birthed at the summit of a ferris wheel where they soon began to marry their musical loves in a swirling caster pot to form the union of this distinct sonic world. It’s nostalgic yet modern, infectious yet solemn, fun yet somber and everything in-between that has got me praising this duo to no end.

Chaise Longue isn’t just a regular debut though, it’s their very own mission statement. The addictively infectious number features tongue in cheek lyrics that wriggle their way into the crevasses of your skull with the intoxicating melodies attached to them as the uniquely toned production plays on. There’s something so beautifully British about this too, everything from the lyrics to the general look of the music video gives me flashbacks to the early days of punk mixed with a bit of indie disco and Madness with the witty lyrics. Want something to blast out whilst chilling on your Chaise Longue? Well this track is certainly for you.

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