Rest For The Wicked – Bones

Ben Townsend (otherwise known as Ivan Ooze) and experimental producer Tasker join forces today in their collaborative project Rest For The Wicked where they fuse together the hazy soundscapes you’d expect from the like of Rex Orange County with the electronic cinematic flair of MGMT. Their debut Bones sounds like something you’d have blaring out of your speaker in the midst of a summer heatwave whilst you relax and let the suns rays dance across your skin. However beneath this woozy masquerade harbours a deep introspective narrative that goes in the darkest depths of Ben Townsend’s mind during one of the worst phases of his existence.

The poetically dark and poignant lyrics thematically deal with being scared to die, the anxieties, the questions, the unknowingness of it all, these are are discussed within this piece that he wrote during his darkest bout with depression. Underneath all of this lies a message of hope though, the idea of not being afraid of what is coming in life, to take everything on and power through no matter how dark the outcomes you foresee in your head may be. Keep fighting and be strong, that message is what makes this a stellar debut.

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