Miliano – Nubes

Blending Hip-Hop, Latin, Trap and Pop together to form a lusciously textured soundscape that is best described as what would happen if Lauryn Hill, Simple Plan and Future got together, the Uruguayan artist Miliano is creating movements in the Latin music scene. Being taken under the wing by the icon Enrique Iglesias, the Miami based musician is creating music that breaks down the boundaries on what many often pertain Latin Pop to be, creating a sonic blend of sounds that could be played across the globe to invite people into this exciting genre and experience all of it’s sonic glory.

Nubes, Spanish for clouds, details the unavoidable reminder of past regretful experiences, with it specifically depicting a past relationship, and you can not only grow as a person from it but also learn some lessons along the way. Blossoming like a flower in spring, Miliano’s vocal effortlessly shifts from soaring high notes that glide across the more somber soundscape to deep low notes that match the eery tone the narrative is building upon. This contrast shows how we can always find some light moments within the shadows we cast, which even the cover art demonstrates. Just like clouds, Miliano will be flying high with this track.

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