Molly Millington – Ring Master

Growing up without any screen time or TV, the Australian musician Molly Millington was encouraged to create and play with her imagination. Forming little worlds she could be transported away to and fill the boredom she would’ve cured by looking at a youtube video of a dancing cat otherwise. Years later when her parents took her to a music festival her brain exploded with creative possibilities, the music opened her eyes to what she could achieve and those little worlds she used to create could now form mesmerising compositions of sonic brilliance. In the summer of 2020 she made a commanding debut with an off-kilter single titled Circus Animal being quirky, fun, outrageous and fought again the status quo of what a traditional pop artist could create.

Her follow up Ring Master, continuing with the circus theme, sees her put on a show with her high flying vocal soaring like a clown being shot out of a cannon over the elegantly yet quirkily toned production that goes from tame to something that roars like a mighty lion. With a theatrical undertone she delivers death defying moments of pop brilliance that leave you in awe, like watching a live trapeze act, as the vibrant soundscape of circus filled sounds plays on with a kookiness that is hard not to fall head over heels in love with. Molly Millington puts on a show that everyone wants to buy tickets for.

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