Leon Zhang – ICARUS

Leon Zhang has already developed a name for himself as apart of the renowned L.A music collective Stirfryboyz, producing some utterly stellar music along the way (Heartbreaker is a must listen), but now he’s venturing into solo territory as he steps into the spotlight with an impressive debut. Highlighting his unique vocal tone, ICARUS is an intimate and vulnerable alternative R&B track that takes a hold of you and refuses to let you go from start to finish. The stripped back track comprised of minimalistic guitar riffs and spaced out beats gives the vibe filled production a captivating energy, transforming the tale into a mini movie that projects into the private cinema of your mind as you follow this turbulent love story. There’s even moments of empowerment littered throughout with the ending quote inspiring you to continue to create, radiate an energy the world needs and fight for what’s right, all in one breathtaking moment.

Whilst Icarus flew too close to the sun, I have no doubt that Leon Zhang will fly amongst the stars as he continues to expand upon his sonic universe. Finding catharsis within his narrative musings, an unorthodoxly masterful vocal display and a simplistic yet mesmerising production, he’s taken one huge step forward and will soon be leaping and bounding in the build up to his debut album FRASER.

Must Read