Isabella Manfredi – Jealousy


Having already become a strong advocate within the Australian music scene, Isabella Manfredi has made an explosive solo debut today that will see her advocacy stretch to a global audience. She’s always been known for her magnetising stage presence that left audiences in the palm of her hand, holding onto every word she artfully sung and every movement she made as if she was a Ballerina at the royal ballet. Her ten successful years as apart of the band The Preatures made her a veteran performer, so it comes as no surprise that her first solo music release could go down as one of the best pop debuts of the year.

Written about a resentful and unfaithful ex, Jealousy is an electrifying number that is on par with Taylor Swift’s classic pop anthems that countless people would belt out in their room after a messy break up. In all honesty I want a break up just to get the full experience of this track! Her confident vocal with a sassy undertone fills the soundscape with unbridled amounts of personality that compliments the emotive yet buoyant tale she weaves with a clean cut pop production to back it all up. Then you’ve got the visuals which are just the cherry on top of this glorious pop affair.

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