Ivy Eye – Peace of Mind

UK based duo Matthew Benham and Rory Sheppard, otherwise known by their moniker Ivy Eye, have always considered music as some form of escapism. Beyond the shimmering surfaces of classic funk and retro disco that they grew up on, lied a whole new world they were able to dive into and disappear from the grey skies of the monotone aesthetic that is the British way of living. This adoration of the genres mixed with their love of contemporary pop songwriting inspired the duo to spend six months finessing their craft until they’d developed a scintillating sonic identity that brought the glistening world of disco and infectiously buoyant funk into the modern era. One listen to their effervescent debut and you’ll be hooked on this band for weeks on end.

Peace of Mind remains beautifully nostalgic with the sonic palette being an undeniable delectable treat with the charismatic vocal performance bouncing off of the rhythmic production of infectious guitar riffs and soaring horns that radiate jubilance. Genuinely this track is just serotonin in song form with the joy it offers through its compelling groove that would filled any dance floor in a heartbeat. The highlight though is the message the track carries, because the narrative focuses on finding, as the title suggests, peace of mind which leads us down a winding path of relating that experience to whatever we wish. Whatever clarity we wish to find and whatever point in our life this is the track to help you guide yourself through it.

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