Lani Rose – Paranoid

Lani Rose’s latest project, “To: Keep You From: Hurting Me” is a beautifully crafted collection of the intricate mass of emotions, feelings, and experiences that stem from deeply-rooted conflicts and struggles. Each song paints vivid pictures of the motions Lani Rose has gone through and dealt with, giving us all an intimate look into his heart, soul, and mind. There is nothing but exceptionally performed and produced tracks that piece together the passion-driven story found within Lani Rose’s hauntingly elegant “To: Keep You From: Hurting Me”. 

From the very beginning of “Paranoid”, Lani Rose pulls you into a deeper level of the space created in “To: Keep You From: Hurting Me”–a beautifully dark and twisted not-so fantasy world. The writing in “Paranoid” is lyrically astounding, capturing the full depth of Lani Rose’s penmanship when combined with his powerful vocal abilities. It’s raw and to-the-point, touching on the struggles that come with constantly trying to figure out the things going on around you and within yourself. The range of haunting melodies within the track are all seamlessly blended together, even when transitioning between slightly different or altered stylistic choices. It creates an energetic atmosphere within a dark space, giving it a similar feel to the “Euphoria” aesthetic. And although there’s more of a darker tone to the themes in “Paranoid”, it manages an upbeat and entrancing vibe to it; like a goth kid catching your eye in a sunny park. “Paranoid” pictures the deepest and darkest pieces of Lani Rose’s heart and mind in a melancholy and beautiful kind of way.  

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