Cookii – Little

If you’re looking to dive head first into the Hyper-Pop genre then there’s not better place to start than with the queen of the genre Cookii. This artist has been consistently producing scintillating tracks within the genre with her debut Coca-Cola introducing us to her vibrant sound before expanding her sonic universe through the bombastic and explosive Love Yourself (Spend Forever). Now today she’s blown us out of the water and into the stratosphere one again with the mesmerisingly sweet Little.

Whilst her previous releases have been larger than life in their production this track goes for a more minimalistic approach featuring spaced out electronic melodies mixed with country twang acoustic guitars and buoyant 80’s video game influenced synths leading the soundscape. Add in her airy vocals that gently glide over the production whilst simultaneously adding an undeniable charm to the track and you’ll quickly understand why this Aussie musician is the talk of the town.

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