Etta Marcus – Hide & Seek

We all used to play hide and seek when we were younger, a fun game that saw us squeeze into a plethora of spaces with the hope of being the last person standing or, for many parents, a chance for the kids to be quiet for a few minutes whilst they pretended to ‘look’ for us. Well this nostalgic game is what inspired Etta Marcus’s debut single with her childhood fear being at the core of it all, not being found or forgotten about. With eerily sinister lyrics and sonically chic production reminiscent of David Bowie with her free-flowing guitar melodies and spaced out percussion section, Hide & Seek dances the fine line between a romantic love ballad and something a stalker would say to you in the middle of the night. Coming from the perspective of the seeker she pines to find this person, never giving up and every bump in the road along the way only encourages them to pursue this further. Her vocal flicks between soaring highs equivalent to a choir of angels and bittersweet lows that pack an impactful punch to make the lyrics all the more hard-hitting. Playful and sinister, it’s like Squid Game in sonic form, and that is rather high praise considering how grand that show is.

At 20 years old, Etta Marcus marks her arrival into the music world with a bang today. Showcasing her expressive sound through a chic soundscape and evil yet simultaneously playful storytelling, she is creating a style that is truly her own. Brixton born and bred, she’s ready to conquer London and then the globe.

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