Noahh – conversate

Through his digital soundscape of video game like synth melodies, charming aura that has an air of Owl City about it during their Fireflies era and, quite simply, majestic electronic flourishes, the Denmark based 17 year old musician Noahh is enchanting fans across his homeland. His cadence and earnest vocal adapt to one another to make the audience feel whatever emotion he wants to lay out across the canvas. Joy, sadness, anger, jealously, Noahh can make us feel it all with his rather mesmerising stripped back spin on the rapidly rising hyper pop genre that has captivated a new generation music fans.

His latest release, conversate, gives his thoughtful storytelling a chance to shine that offers us an authentic emotive experience. Whilst most hyper pop artists usually go balls to the wall, Noahh strips back the sound to the bare essentials with him avoiding the usual harsh industrial like electronics the genre has become known for an instead going down a gentle avenue of coruscating synths that glisten like the morning dew on grass. Simple, elegant, utterly enchanting and something I’m going to be playing on repeat for weeks to come.

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