Eva Rose – Out of Lives

Born and raised in LA but now based in New York City, the singer songwriter Eva Rose originally made her debut back in 2018 with Rush being a pop punk affair that was reminiscent of Paramore in their early days mixed with a bit of the flair from Tegan and Sara. Now after three years she’s made her return to the music scene, transitioning from pop punk to a dreamy pop soundscape with an alt rock edge whilst still channelling the confidence of the female-fronted rock bands that she grew up with an was always inspired by. She’s not coming back with a whimper though, oh no, she’s arrived with a ginormous bang that encourages all to take notice of her talent.

Out of Lives depicts the story of an on and off again relationship that is reaching the end of the line as she effortlessly croon, “Cos this isn’t love if we’re just trying to survive / This time I think we’re out of lives.” Her painstakingly raw imagery soars across a rich soundscape of lush guitar riffs, atmospheric drum beats and pulsating bass rhythms as her candid vocal vividly details her inner struggle with accepting that this love is on its last legs. Whilst pop and alt rock remain key parts of the sonic experience, the storytelling has an air of country about it with her relatable lyrics never straying too poetically left of field and instead remains in this compelling middle ground of straight-talking raw honesty. An enthralling number that makes us welcome her back with open arms.

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